A Brit’s Story of Falling for a Thai Bargirl

Falling In Love With A Thai Bar Girl

I’m a 68-year-old male from the UK, now fully retired.

I was married for 35 years, and about 10 years ago, split up from my wife, who divorced me.

Although not my choice, instigated by my wife as divorces statistically are started by women, nothing comes close to the happiness it was to bring me.

I suddenly felt free and answerable to no one.

It took a while for things to settle down; the divorce proceedings took many years due to the bitterness of the divorce, but all came good in the end.

Faling In Love With Bangkok Bar Girls

A Retiree’s Journey from Divorce to Southeast Asia Adventure

I had never been to Thailand or outside of Europe before but decided to escape the English winter and enjoy my new freedom by traveling around Southeast Asia.

So, in November 2022, after the COVID restrictions ended, I booked a flight to Bangkok with the intention of traveling around neighboring countries, returning to the UK in the spring as a solo man.

All went very well, and I had the time of my life in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

I ended up back in Bangkok, which lined up nicely for my return to the UK.

South East Asian Bar Girl

Love and Risk With Bar Girls in Bangkok

I had taken the decision that I no longer wanted marriage because it’s a financial noose around a man’s neck, particularly in the West.

Anyway, having listened to many Thailand-bound stories and others on YouTube, warning me of Thai bargirl techniques, I went alone to a bar in Soi 6 in Bangkok to see for myself.

True to form, I was seated for only about one minute when a bargirl approached me and started making conversation.

Very pretty and attractive, about 20 years my junior, I found her irresistible.

I bought her a lady drink, we got along very well, and I ended up barfining her and taking her back to my hotel.

The activity in the bedroom was fantastic, like I hadn’t had for 30 years and much, much better.

We awoke the following morning, and this is where I let my guard slip because she said I could barfine her for a month, and that would be cheaper for me.

The deal was five thousand Baht for a month’s barfine and four thousand Baht a day for her.

She felt so sweet and convincing; I agreed to it.

The next month saw me traveling all over Thailand, and having broken the three-day rule, I fell in love with her.

Thai Go Go Girls Kissing

Bangkok’s Bargirl Culture

The girls are so manipulative, and I was very weak.

I realized I was paying her a lot of money for her company, but it seemed worth it to me at the time.

It soon became apparent she was the typical bargirl to the T.

I was paying for everything: accommodation, food, drink, transport, even a two-Baht piece of squid off the street carts.

I bought her an expensive piece of jewelry, which she later claimed to have lost.

She paid for nothing, and I mean nothing.

Later, when I had returned to the UK, I spoke to a Thai friend who said, “No, no, she hasn’t lost it.

I know Asian girls; I’m one myself.

She sold that.” I had thought that could be the case but didn’t want to believe it.

That was my friend’s immediate thought, totally dismissing the fact she could have genuinely lost it.

I was messaged on a daily basis after I had returned to the UK from said bargirl, and true to the bargirl form, she asked for money.

Thai Girl Asking For Money

Reflection on the Pitfalls of Romanticism in Bangkok

After many months of emotional trauma and her wanting to marry me back in Thailand, I eventually realized my stupidity, and we parted company with no financial damage to myself, apart from what I had agreed to pay her for her time and company, which in the main I enjoyed.

At least I didn’t lose a house like some men do, I suppose.

The moral of my story is: I was fully warned, I knew the dangers, and I still fell for it.

Can you just imagine the financial damage I could have incurred if I had married her or just partnered with her? You marry her, you marry her family.

She had three children in their twenties of child production age.

I would be financially ruined.

Why or why do men fall for these girls, and I was warned? I was fully open.

I don’t want a relationship with a female, friendship maybe, but no commitment.

Females would say typical men, I expect.

I understand their rationale to support themselves and to earn money. I get it.

They want men to support them, which is fine, like here in the UK in the 1950s when she didn’t have to work as a bargirl.

Why not 7-Eleven, for example? But she said she was too old.

Thai Bar Girl Pitfalls

Stick to The Three-day Rule, and You Will Be Fine.

There must be many jobs out there, even though not as well-paid.

It’s now put me off returning to Thailand for fear of an embarrassing accident meeting with said girl.

I know Bangkok is a big place, but these girls have a network that would put the FBI to shame.

I love Thailand and Southeast Asia, but few, what a close call.

I went into it knowing the dangers, and that annoys me that I could be so stupid; brains in trousers, I guess.

Be warned, guys, If I fell for it, anyone can, and I saw similar men with Thai girls all over the place, paying for everything.

She caught me hook, line, and sinker.

It’s a business to these girls, and they are good. Very good.

My advice: have fun with these girls and abide by the three-day rule.

I would say make it a 24-hour rule, a new one every night, and you’ll be good to go.


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