Exploring Pattaya and Finding Love in Paradise

Exploring Pattaya and Finding Love

My name is Bob.

I’m 35 years old, and my story kind of starts about five years ago when the place I was working at hired a new guy named John.

John was a little older than me, but he began telling me stories about Thailand.

I’ve always wanted to travel but never enough to actually start saving up.

After talking to John, everything changed.

He told me all about the girls, how cheap things were, and I would see and smell things I couldn’t even imagine.

He told me he had a wife in Thailand and always tried to get me to go with him.

Bargirl Serving Drinks In Pattaya

Bob’s Online Odyssey and Encounter with C

John was fired pretty soon after he started working, but I still always thought about Thailand.

I would watch videos all day during my shift and listen to the stories on the Thailand Band YouTube channel as well as others.

I watched everyone’s videos and learned all the do’s and the don’ts of Thailand.

Everything was still just a fantasy until I actually installed Thai Friendly on my phone.

I met a beautiful Thai lady named C.

She was a dental assistant, divorced but had no children.

I told her I was coming to Thailand, but I had already been before so she wouldn’t look at me like a mark.

I wasn’t sure I could trust her.

Beautiful Thai girl

From Dreaming to Saving, and the Solo Adventure in Pattaya

After talking to C, everything changed for me yet again.

I stopped spending money on everything that I didn’t actually need.

I saved every penny possible until I finally had enough for the trip.

I didn’t just want to go to Thailand and spend all my time with one lady; I wanted to explore Pattaya as well.

So I told C I would be arriving one week later than the actual date.

I had no experience Pattaya and all its glory alone.

I really did not want to bring sand to the beach because I already knew what to expect based on all the YouTube stories I had.

Two cute bargirls In Pattaya

From Orlando to Pattaya, a Journey of 40 Hours

Everything was ready to go now: passport, flights, 2,000 US dollars cash, and my first night booked at Page 10 Hotel Pattaya.

I tried to pack lightly.

I could always get what I needed in Thailand.

The day finally came for me to leave the US and fly to Thailand.

It was one of the most grueling trips if I’m being honest.

The total time traveling was around 40 hours. I paid 1,300, which was one of the cheapest flights available at the time.

I flew from Orlando, Florida, to New York City to Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand.

It was such a long and exhausting trip.

Sexy Thai Selfie

Journey from Bangkok to Pattaya

As soon as I landed, it was already dark and I was so exhausted and a little confused.

I just hired one of the first and few taxi guys I found.

I talked him down from 1,500 baht to 1,300 baht for a ride to Pattaya from Bangkok Airport.

It took some time to get to Pattaya, but I felt like a little kid looking out of the window seeing all the new scenery.

I just never seen anything like this before. We finally arrived at Page 10 Hotel which, for me, was absolutely perfect.

As soon as I checked in, I went up to my room and just shrieked out of excitement.

I couldn’t believe I actually made it to Paradise.

Bob’s First Night in Pattaya

I quickly took a shower, got changed, and went downstairs.

Everything felt so unreal; beautiful women everywhere and cheap food.

It was just so crazy.

My nerves were almost in shock, so the first thing I did was to have a few beers from a little place.

thai bar girl posing for selfie

I sat down, drank, had a conversation with the owners and workers, and was on my way.

I started walking around all of the bars and checking out all of the beautiful ladies.

Sometimes I got a little shy and I just didn’t even know where to begin, so I literally walked in circles for an hour.

The whole time my mind was just exploding over and over.

It just didn’t seem real.

Sexy Pattaya Thai Girl

The Night Takes a Turn in Pattaya

At one point, a pretty Thai lady stopped me and told me if you keep walking in that direction, I was heading into a dead end.

Sure enough, it was.

I turned around, and she was waiting for me in the middle of the street, blocking my path.

She grabbed onto me and asked me if I wanted to hang out at her bar.

Two thai girls kissing

I said No at first, but she asked again and I said yes.

I didn’t need much convincing.

After I sat down, I asked her if she wanted a drink and I ordered us both a drink, vodka and coke for me and something similar for her.

She was very beautiful and had a great personality.

I really liked her company.

Girl Posing On The Beach

A Night of Revelry and Reflection in Pattaya

She asked all the basic questions at first and told me her name was P.

She was acting very flirty, so I asked her if she wanted me to barfine her.

She said yes, so I paid my bill and we left.

We went to my room and had bedroom fun.

I was so tired and tipsy I fell asleep immediately.

Thai woman sat on a stool

When I woke up, reality hit me, and I realized I needed to be more careful about what I’m doing.

My money was locked up in the safe and none of my stuff was missing.

I didn’t know this girl, and anything could have happened.

Luckily for me, she wasn’t a thief and the whole time we were together, she never tried anything fishy with me.

She actually saved me a lot of money haggling for me.

She also made me feel safe and would make sure I didn’t do anything stupid.

Pattaya Girl Taking Shots

Casual Encounter to Genuine Connection in Pattaya, Breaking The 3 Day Rule

I totally broke the three-day rule with her.

My initial plan coming to Pattaya was to hook up with lots of Pattayas and party, but things changed pretty quickly.

I really liked this girl and her personality was just as beautiful as her looks.

I took her to the Pattaya Aquarium and bought her daughter a shirt.

Thai dancer with legs open

She didn’t ask; I have two kids and a soft spot for kids, so I did it for that reason.

Regardless, everything was crazy cheap.

The more time I spent with her, the more I was falling in love.

I know she’s a bar girl and it’s her job, but it genuinely felt like real love, and I know she at least liked to be with me.

Plus, 1,500 Baht for long term felt like a killer deal, so I kept her for the entire week.

Taking a pattaya girl out

A Pattaya Night to Remember

I asked her to pick something out to do one night and she said she’s never been to one of the big shows.

One of my go-to moves for impressing ladies is to take them out and buy them a dress for a nice date, so that’s what I did.

She found a vendor that walks around all the beer bars and sells dresses.

It was very cheap and I was surprised she didn’t want to find one at the mall, but whatever, less money I have to spend the better.

six go go girls posing

We took showers and got dressed.

We went to the show, which was pretty fun, then we found dinner somewhere.

Every time we eat somewhere, I told her to help me pick several options to try.

After dinner, she could pack everything up and give it to her friends.

I just wanted to try as many things that I could because food is so cheap in Pattaya.

Emotional Farewell from Pattaya

My first week was coming to an end.

The night before I was supposed to leave, P started to cry and told me she didn’t want me to leave.

I told her I didn’t have a choice, which made me tear up as well.

It was pretty depressing, and I honestly didn’t want to leave.

I also promised the other girl, C, I was coming.

On my last morning, we had some breakfast.

I threw her a couple of extra thousand Baht and headed back to Bangkok.

That cab ride sucked because I really wanted to stay with her, but I knew it would be a mistake if I did.

I still have her line ID and we talk on and off still to this day.

Bangkok Bar Girl Shot

Meeting With C in Bangkok

When I got to Bangkok, I checked into the Amber Hotel, another nice cheap hotel.

C didn’t get off work until a little bit later that night, so I got myself cleaned up and hung around the hotel until we met up later.

When she arrived, I was floored again.

She was dressed very nice, and we decided to go to a bar to let our nerves calm down.

Beautiful Cheeky Thai Girl

Another beautiful Thai lady.

We were both pretty nervous but that faded away soon after the alcohol was flowing.

She was beautiful and also had a beautiful personality to match.

We talked and drank for a while, then decided to go to my hotel room.

She was planning on staying with me for the entire week.

two thai girls in bangkok

Chiang Mai Chronicles

Before we met, she teased me about sleeping in separate beds, but that didn’t happen.

As soon as we laid down in bed, I started rubbing her back and that immediately turned into bedroom fun.

A good night was had indeed.

We woke up the next morning and as planned, we took a flight to Chiang Mai.

chaing mai girls

She pre-booked a tent storage container style resort in the mountains that looked pretty cool in the pictures.

When we got there, it wasn’t as nice but it was decent enough.

Everything was so far away though, and all the attractions just felt like tourist traps.

The mountains and culture were beautiful but I still prefer the city of Bangkok and Pattaya.

We didn’t explore much of Chiang Mai, but the parts we did see were infested with tourists, so I wasn’t that big of a fan.

chaing mai bar girls

A Brush with Nature and a Night Out in Chiang Mai

While staying at the storage unit resort, we got stuck in a huge hailstorm, which was kind of scary because we thought the room we were in was going to blow away.

Another notable night in Chiang Mai was when I told C I was going out to meet a guy I knew earlier that day.

I went on Facebook and found Jay who was willing to take me out for a couple of drinks.

I forgot to mention C didn’t speak any English, so we were using Google Translate the entire time.

It was actually pretty easy to use.

A good tip for anyone in a similar situation is to put Google Translate on both phones, buy two sets of wireless earbuds, and put one of each in both of your ears.

Meeting Girls In Chaing Mai

Then you can press play and hear what you guys are saying to each other without stopping and looking at each other’s phones to communicate.

Anyway, it was refreshing to sit with another foreigner and speak English.

It does get a little stressful typing everything you want to say.

We bought each other a couple of drinks and talked to a girl at one of the bars.

C kept checking in on me, and I kept talking to her to let her know I was being a good boy.

I literally just wanted to hang out with another English speaker.

Jay did give me some good tips before we parted ways.

Chaing Mai Bar Girls

I still talk to Jay sometimes as well.

I was only gone for a couple of hours at most, but that was enough time for C to drink too much and get emotional.

Understandable, but I let her know it wasn’t a big deal and I wasn’t doing anything.

We went back to the hotel for the night, and we both passed out after C went to the bathroom and threw up.

I was ready to leave Chiang Mai at this point anyway.

It felt like there were too many tourists in Chiang Mai for my taste.

I really love being the only farang; when we went places, it felt kind of cool being the only one in the village.

Originally, we were going to take the 12-hour night train back to Bangkok, but we couldn’t find any private rooms, so I bought us both a plane ticket back to Bangkok.

When we got back to Bangkok, we explored and went to a bunch of malls.

I also took her to an aquarium, which was much nicer than the Pattaya Aquarium.

chaing mai night life

Getting Lost In Bangkok

The malls in Bangkok are huge, eight to ten stories, and every shop was open.

In America, malls are dying, so it was nice to see a mall alive and bustling.

I also took P to find a revealing black dress for a date night.

As you know, this is one of my number one moves.

We found a dress, went back to our hotel, and got dressed.

Another Date With Bangkok Girl

She booked and paid for a dinner boat cruise that went around the river in the middle of Bangkok.

Seeing Bangkok lit up at night was absolutely fantastic.

They also light up the temples.

I highly recommend going.

There is also a huge buffet with lots of amazing food.

We had our table for two on the top deck.

It was one of my most beautiful and romantic nights of my entire life.

Bangkok Nightlife

Returning to the City of Lights with C

P and I did many things together.

We visited a couple of temples, a lot of places, and went to bars, shopping, and lots of other things I can’t remember as I typed this out.

At one point, she took me to her house.

I met some of her family, which was really cool too.

Everyone was so nice and welcoming.

Another quick tip is don’t let your Thai lady pick the hotels.

P would pick the worst places compared to what I would pick.

Also, I remember at one point I got a haircut for 100 baht.

Big mistake, but she didn’t mind.

I already know I’m probably forgetting some details I wanted to add to the story, but at this point, my mind is blanking on me.

On our last day together, we had pizza in the hotel lobby.

Another sad and depressing time which became very stressful when we got stuck in Bangkok traffic.

If it’s your last night in Bangkok, don’t stay downtown.

I left super early and still almost missed my flight.

A Life-Changing Journey to Paradise

Overall, Thailand was probably the best trip of my life.

I hated leaving and going back home.

All I could think about was getting back.

If you’ve never been, it will completely change your life.

You’ll start thinking, how can I get back to Paradise every day.

If I could drop everything and sell everything I would.

I plan on returning once per year at the very least. Well, that’s my story.

I probably left some details out, totally forgot, but this is the main gist of it.

I love Thailand.

Thank you for reading my story.


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