Expensive Lesson To Be Had With A Go Go Girl

Expensive Go Go Girl

I stayed on Sukhumvit Road, after spending my first day as a tourist. I got myself ready to explore Nana Plaza and also ventured to Soi Cowboy.

Initially, I walked around the plaza, trying to spot someone to spend my time with. Unfortunately, nothing really caught my eye.

I decided to take a stroll up to Soi Cowboy, trying to recall what it was like the last time I was there. However, either my memory failed me, or the place had changed slightly.

I didn’t recognize where the Corner Bar was, where my friend and I played pool, or the bar where I met Nang.

I wasn’t expecting to see her or even recognize her, and vice versa.

Anyway, nothing really piqued my interest, so I walked back to Nana Plaza.

Nana Plaza Bar Girls

Exploring The Go Go Bar World of Nana Plaza

I walked around all the levels and randomly chose a go-go bar on the ground floor.

The decision was mostly based on the girls outside wearing sexy clothes. A staff member showed me to a seat, where I ordered a Coke since I wasn’t drinking alcohol at the time.

When the drink arrived, I almost choked on the vodka disguised as a Coke.

The staff member noticed my expression and exchanged it for an alcohol-free version.

She then encouraged me to check out some of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen on stage, and there she was—the absolute stunner.

Two Thai Go Go Girls

Learning An Expensive Lesson With A Go Go Girl

I told the staff girl her number, and she left the stage to join me.

She was gorgeous, with light skin, hair in pigtails, and wearing white lacy lingerie. She mentioned she was just 21, almost half my age.

After some usual chit-chat in broken English, I paid her barfine, and we walked back to my hotel, which wasn’t far away.

This is where I made a rookie mistake.

After getting into my room, I gave her the money we discussed for her time.

After a shower and a little roll about, we got down to bedroom fun.

This is where my mistake became evident—she claimed I was too big for her.

Why would she go through with it if she already had the money? I tried a few times, but being a gentleman, I accepted it.

We got dressed, and I walked her out of the hotel, returning to my room frustrated but considering it an expensive learning experience.

Light skinned Thai girl

The Best Escort I Have Ever Paid For

On my second night, I went to watch a boxing match at a large stadium.

On my way back, I checked out girls on an escort site and booked a nice-looking girl to come to my hotel room. I waited for her in the lobby, and when she arrived, I was speechless.

Her photos on her profile didn’t do her justice.

She was absolutely gorgeous with long black hair, a slim body, a great backside, and fake breasts.

Probably had the best bedroom fun I’ve ever had.

It was the full girlfriend experience, a much better experience as she spoke amazing English, and it didn’t feel like a business arrangement.

The next morning, I was on a plane heading to Siem Reap.

It was only a short flight this time, but the next one will be for my latest trip when I will visit Pattaya.


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