Confusing Date With A Pattaya Bar Girl

Confusing Night With Pattaya Bar Girl
Firstly, a little bit about myself so I can paint the backdrop for this story.
I’m an average-looking American guy in my mid-30s and was on my first trip to Thailand.
I had heard stories of Pattaya from a friend, and as a gift to myself, I decided to finally go and booked my trip right after New Year.
I flew into Bangkok and was going to be in Thailand for a little over 2 weeks.

Enjoying The Attention That The Pattaya Go Go Girls Show

After a few nights of visiting the Go-Go bars in Nana Plaza, I headed down to Pattaya.
What a culture shock! I was not used to the handsome man catcalls every 20 ft.
I really thought that type of attention would be enjoyable, but truthfully, I now see why women find this off-putting.
However, after a few more days, a person can adapt to their surroundings.
I had been hitting the Go-Go bars on Walking Street every night and am bar finding a different girl each night to drink and play pool with.
After about a week, I go into a bar I’ve never been to before, which I found is quite famous on Walking Street.
If you do a little research, you will know what Go-Go bar I’m referring to.
This Go-Go bar is unlike any other I went to here in the states.
All clubs have a “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” type of rule regarding the dancers.
Here, this place, to put it mildly, had no such rule.
If I was uncomfortable with catcalls, you can imagine what I saw there, which I found rather disturbing.
I left after about only 20 minutes, but as I said, you get used to just about everything in time.

My First Encounter With A Go Go Girl

So, a couple of days later, I thought, why not check out that place again, which brings me to the main character of the story.
I never did get her name, but we’ll just call her Hot Mess or M for short.
I called her Hot Mess because, out of all the girls in the bar, she was a superstar.
She was also a bubbly mess—hot mess, bleach blonde hair, 5ft tall, and a perfect figure.
I called her over and bought her a drink.
Now, I drink Margaritas normally, but trying to find a place that serves you Margaritas in Thailand is like trying to find water in a desert.
You can find it, but you really must search.
So, I must resort to short shots of tequila.
Also, as this is relevant to the story, I have a rather high tolerance for alcohol, and if I don’t keep drinking once I’ve started when I’m out, I will quickly, very quickly lose my mood.
This isn’t really a problem because I can hold my alcohol, and unless you really know me, most people can’t tell when I’m drunk.

Short Time At The Bars With A Thai Girl

So, we have a few shots, and I ask her to leave the bar with me.
The most enjoyable part of the evening for me is partying and playing pool in the bars on Beach Road.
M tells me she cannot keep me company for more than a couple of hours or so.
I have a pretty good buzz, and I really want to see her, so I take her for a couple of hours, and a good time was had by both of us.
Fast forward 2 days, and I really want to see her again.
Back to her bar, but she said she’s with another guy.
I decide to have a few drinks and hang back and see how the situation develops.
After a little while, he leaves, and she comes and sits next to me.
I buy another round and tell her I want to take her out again, but this time I want to take her out for the whole evening, not just a couple of hours.
She again says she only goes out for a few hours.
M told me that if I paid two bar fines, she could keep me company for the entire evening, which worked for me.

Breaking Rules And Seeing The Same Bar Girl Again

Now, this part is key to the story.
No money has changed hands between M and me, so this is where our evening started.
She said she had not eaten yet and asked if she could eat some noodles that the manager had brought for the girls and were in the girls’ changing rooms.
She tells me that after we can leave together.
I wanted to enjoy M’s company and hadn’t eaten yet myself, so I offered to take her to a seafood restaurant on the waterfront.
I thought it was certainly better than a bowl of noodles from some street vendor’s cart.
M said no, it’s fine, the noodles will be okay, and we’ll save you money.
I said that I really didn’t mind and would be happy to take her out for a good meal.
She again declined and said, “Okay, I’ll wait.
You wait for me.” About 20 minutes later, she comes out all smiles and is ready to go.
She looks totally different, fully dressed and stunning.
Actually, we go to another Go-Go bar together as she doesn’t play pool but wants to drink.
That suits me just fine.
We have a few shots and rank the girls on stage by hotness.
We are both laughing and having a good time.
I tell her she is prettier than all of them, to which she is positively beaming.
What girl doesn’t like flattery?

Suckered In To Buying Her Friends Drinks

After an hour or so, she says she wants to take me to another bar where her friends work.
I knew immediately this is going to be a costly night if I decide to go, but at this point, I have a good buzz, so I don’t really care about the money.
We head off to the next bar.
She sees her friend and around four to five girls huddle around us.
She asks for me to buy them all a ladies’ drink, which I happily oblige.
We all talk and laugh, around 20 minutes, and after each girl finishes her drink, they thank me and leave, leaving me and M alone.
I thought that was extremely nice, that none of them, including M, did not try to pressure me for more ladies’ drinks and were happy with just the one.
M is also happy, as she gained face for bringing me as a customer to buy drinks for all of her friends.
About 10 minutes later, we change Go-Go’s again and are laughing and holding hands on the way.
At this next Go-Go bar, we both really enjoy the music and have a couple more shots.
As I’m enjoying the view, I noticed so is M.
It is at this point I’m starting to think I’m not the only one of us that likes girls, but the night is getting costly enough already without thinking such things.
So, I pay the bill, and we leave.

So Far, So Good

As we are leaving, I realize I am at the perfect level of drunk—not too much that I will be sick, but enough that I will be able to maintain my buzz for the rest of the night without having to do any more shots.
M is also not too drunk, as she is in great spirits, and we have been laughing and joking all night, and I made her look good in front of her friends.
What a perfect time to end the evening and go back to my hotel! I’m also keenly aware that good vibes can quickly turn to bad when someone’s been drinking, so why ruin the evening when, so far, it’s been great?
I was now hungry and wanted to take M to the restaurant on the waterfront.
Against my better judgment, I asked her if she would like to go, and she happily said yes.
So, after a short walk, we arrive and are seated.
We have a chance to look over the menu and gave the waitress our orders.
As we are waiting for our food, it was around this time that I noticed her mood begins to change.
She’s getting a little short-tempered, and I could tell the vibe wasn’t the same.
I had a feeling this might happen if we continued the night, but it was still just a vibe, and I held out hope her mood would again change, and we will be all smiles again.

For Some Reason, My Girls Mood Changes And Shes Angry

Unfortunately, this did not happen.
I am soon finding that anything I say is taken negatively.
This goes on for around 10 minutes or so, and I’m quickly seeing any hopes of a fun night evaporating before my eyes.
As a last-minute idea, I attempt to spin something she said into a funny joke to make her laugh.
She just stares at me and says, “Don’t say that.” She stays quiet for a few more seconds as I try to think of what else I could do to lighten the mood.
Then she says, “Why you not let me eat?”
I asked her what I didn’t understand what she was referring to.
She says, “At the beginning of the night, why you not let me eat noodles?” I told her I was trying to be nice and wanted to take her to a nice meal.
She said I was a bad man for not wanting her to eat.
I sat there for a few seconds not knowing what to say.
Then she broke the silence and said she didn’t want to stay with me. Well, that was fine with me.
There was no salvaging the night, and it’s no fun being with someone that doesn’t want to be there.
So, I told her I understand and wished her a good night.

She Gave Me Money And Left, What Is Going On?

She sat there for a few seconds, then reached in her purse and pulled out 3,000 baht and handed it to me.
Then she got up and left.
I looked down at the money and then back up at her walking away, not knowing what was going on.
Apparently, neither did the staff, as our server and another server were right next to the table with our food, watching this slow-motion car wreck play out.
I just looked at them and shrugged my shoulders.
What could I say now? I’ve only paid a 1,000 baht fine to the bar.
I hadn’t paid M any money, so why has she given me 3,000 baht? She was with me the entire night, so she saw what I paid to the bar.

What A Confusing Night It Turned Into

I don’t know if I’m the only one in Pattaya, but if not, I am a part of a select few that could say, at the end of the night after a bar fine and a Go-Go dancer, I actually paid for everything.
Looking back on it, I can see it was funny, but at the time, I felt like an idiot.
What kind of jerk do you have to be for a Go-Go dancer to pay you to leave?

So, I finished my food and was going to call it a night.

I had been royally rejected by a Go-Go dancer, and my ego was on the floor.

But then it hit me, how bad could the night get? It had to be uphill from there, right? So, I went out and met another girl I had previously met and bar fined her with money.

So, a story with a happy ending, but I still don’t know why M was so upset with me you you can only guess can’t you

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