The Craziest Thai Girl I Have Ever Met

A Night of Chaos in Hua Hin

This story happened around 20 years ago in Hua Hin, and it was my first time in Thailand.

I had already been in the country for a few months at this point and was certainly living my best life.

Hua Hin Thai Girl

Meeting A Thai Girl In A Bar

I had been working there for a while and ended up meeting a girl at a bar.

She wasn’t my girlfriend per se, but we had spent a lot of time together and saw each other regularly.

However, given my age, I had made it clear that this wasn’t an exclusive relationship, and she seemed okay with it.

Her name was POM, and she was absolutely gorgeous, but the longer we were together, the crazier she got.

Thai Girls In A Bar

Felt Like I Was Being Stalked By Thai Girl

I would be out with friends, and I’d see her head pop up at a window or peer around the entrance to a bar.

This would be followed by missed calls on my mobile, that kind of thing.

This did not bother me too much, as I knew that at some point in the not-too-distant future, I’d be moving on and traveling around the country sightseeing.

Stalked By Thai Girl

The Crazier She Got, The More Worried I Got

However, things came to a head one night that made me think enough was enough.

I was staying in some service apartments that weren’t really spectacular, but a standard most would be happy with.

Like most of these places, there was a security system, and guards would buzz you if you had a visitor.

Crazy Thai Girl

Now She Is Turning Up At My Apartment Unannounced

One night around 1 am, there was a loud knocking on my door.

I looked through the peephole and saw that it was POM, accompanied by a friend, clearly a bit worse for wear.

I was a bit annoyed because the security guards were supposed to have called me before letting anybody come up to my room.

I had work the next morning.

Drinking With Two Drunk Thai Girls

Then I had the thought that most young men would have.

Two intoxicated girls knocking on my door – you get the idea.

I had some vodka in the fridge and figured I could be tired for work for this and let them in.

The next couple of hours consisted of us consuming the best part of the bottle, but with little to no sign of any action.

It was now about 3 am, and as fun as it was sitting there drinking, I figured nothing was going to happen, so I could at least try to get some sleep.

Two Drunk Thai Girls

Now They Wont Leave My Apartment

I told POM this, and the situation flipped.

No,” she shouted, “we stay.

Her friend, whose name I can’t remember, was a bit more understanding and went to pick up her bag.

POM snatched it off her and told her to sit.

I laughed at this, which only angered her more.

I walked to the door and opened it.

POM’s friend started walking, but POM sat stubbornly on the sofa.

Crazy Girl Wont Leave

Finally The Crazy Thai Girl Has Left

I wasn’t sure what to do at this point, but being the arrogant guy I was, I walked over to POM, who was tiny, and I quite literally picked her up and carried her to the door.

She wasn’t pleased and kept saying, “David, you bad man” repeatedly.

I placed her outside in the corridor; her friend followed, and I closed the door.

I could hear lots of shouting between them for the next minute or so and then silence.

Great, I could now get some shut-eye.

How wrong I was.

I brushed my teeth and had just gotten back into bed when I heard a huge crash outside.

My room overlooked the pool, and this area was raised from the street below by about 5 or 6 feet.

Instead of a wall or a fence, there were massive concrete flower pots that surrounded the edge, each about 2 to 3 feet tall.

Crazy Thai Woman

My Crazy Thai Girl Is Vandalising The Place

To my amazement, POM alone had pushed one of these off the edge for it to fall to its demise and was in the process of giving her all to push a second, all the while shouting at the top of her tiny lungs, “David, bad man.

I wondered what I should do at this point and figured the best thing I could do would be to just watch and enjoy the show.

To my amazement, she managed to push the second pot, which crashed to the ground.

It was at this point I heard the shouting of the previously anonymous security guards.

POM heard this, clambered over the edge of where she pushed the poor flower pots, and made a run for it – about the most sensible thing she’d done all night.

The show was over; bedtime, right? Wrong.

The Return of The Crazy Girl

It was now approaching 4 am, and I was dozing off again when I heard loud banging – not on my door, though, a few doors down.

It had to be her.

POM, filled to the brim with alcohol and rage, had somehow managed to slip past the security guards for the third time and stealthily made her way back up to my floor but got the wrong apartment.

Now I knew the occupant of this room, not by name, but I had exchanged pleasantries with him a couple of times.

He was a big guy from the Nordics.

I’m about 6 feet and slim at this time in life (now not so much), but he was about 6 foot three and just as wide.

Return Of The Crazy Thai Girl

The Physical Attacking Begins

She was banging repeatedly on this poor guy’s door, all the while shouting, “David, bad man.

I very carefully opened my door and peered down the corridor, wondering how this was going to end.

The Nordic guy opened the door, and she was quite taken aback, but she stood her ground, demanding, “Where’s David?

His response was simply, “What?

With that, she booted the Nordic guy in the shin.

He dropped to the ground, and she stormed right past him into his room.

Thai Girl Physically Attacking

Security Had To Remove This Little Thai Girl From Doing Anything Else

Now bear in mind, this guy was asleep 60 seconds ago.

He was in complete shock, and now he was in considerable pain, with a crazy Thai girl shouting my name charging into his room.

He got up as quickly as he could, considering he had just been booted in the shin and given his size.

Another shouting match started on both sides.

This went on for a minute or so, with the all-too-familiar “Where’s David, bad man” shouting at the top of her lungs.

The Nordic guy had obviously managed to cool things down.

The security guards finally arrived and dragged POM out of this poor guy’s room.

Now the show really was over.

I got back into bed, finally nodded off, and work the next day was a bit difficult with a hangover and lack of sleep.

Calling Security

I Have Never Met A Thai Girl As Crazy As Her

As I was leaving the office, to my surprise, there was POM, all smiles.

I was a bit taken aback and not sure quite how to react.

Unbelievably, POM was completely oblivious or pretended to be to the previous night’s shenanigans.

I politely told her I was busy and had to shoot off quickly.

I took a couple of bottles of whiskey to the security guards despite their lack of action.

Never Met A Crazy Thai Like Her

I apologized on behalf of POM but told them under no circumstances was she ever to be let back in again.

I avoided her calls for the next few days and her place of work – a bit difficult with Hua Hin being so small. But what a place Thailand is.

I spent 18 months there my first time and have been back numerous times over the years.

Never quite met another crazy Thai girl like POM though.

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