Twists and Turns in Cambodian Spa Culture

Cambodian Massage Girl
I’m well traveled, especially enjoying adventure travel since my wife of 45 years considers adventure travel to be anywhere outside of North America or Europe.
I often travel alone or with a child or grandchild, but my best travel partner is my younger brother.
He will go anywhere and do most anything.
He is also in his 60s and married for over 40 years.
We have traveled extensively in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, as well as Europe.
Often, we’re assumed to be an old gay couple.
This assumption is okay in Europe and can actually get you special treatment, but in some countries, not so much.

Exploring Angkor Wat

Just before COVID, we decided to go to Cambodia and explore Angkor Wat as well as other temples and historic sites.
Each morning would consist of our private guide taking us to a different attraction, followed by lunch in a non-tourist restaurant with our guide along to read the menu and explain and recommend local cuisine.
After lunch, we would return to our hotel for an afternoon of spa treatments and in the evening, on Pub Street, listen to music and drink Angkor beer.

Cambodian Massage Time.. Attractive Lineup!

One afternoon, our guide recommended a different spa that he said was better value than the hotel spa.
We agreed, and soon we were in a beautiful reception area picking out a professional massage therapist from a lineup of very attractive professionals.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude.
I still like the ladies, and I don’t need the little blue pill, and if I were single, I’d be in Thailand with you partying every night.
But I’m still in love and have never been unfaithful in our marriage, so I said to myself, “You can do this; it’s just a massage.”

Good Massage With No Happy Ending

My brother was laughing and quoted a line from an Austin Powers movie; he said, “Just think of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold winter’s day.” Well, this worked to some extent.
I think the therapist was becoming frustrated that I was not responding to her efforts to bring things to a happy ending and finally gave up.
It was a good massage though; my pelvic and inner thigh muscles have never felt so good.
As I entered the reception area, I saw my brother sitting there grinning like the cat that had just eaten the canary.
I asked him if he remembered to tip; he says, “I tip for services rendered.” He had this big grin on his face.
I said, “You had a happy ending, didn’t you?” He just smiled and said, “I want to come back here tomorrow.”

Tipping to say thank you.

I felt bad for my therapist because she had worked so hard.
I went over to her in front of the other girls and handed her an extra 100 US dollars and told her with great appreciation and gratitude that it was the best smart massage that I had ever had.
After listening to your channel, I’ve learned that losing face is a big deal in Thailand and probably in Cambodia too, so I’m glad that I went back and gave her the extra money and compliment.
The other ladies were probably impressed with her skills, making the old guy so grateful, and that’s it.


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