The Thai Bar Girl That Got Away

The bar girl that got away

This story’s a bit different from the others ’cause it keeps going.

I’m American, from Washington D.C.

In the past four years, I’ve been lucky to visit Thailand once every year.

Each time, I stayed for about three or four weeks.

I met someone named Dao during my first visit to Thailand.

Sadly, I only met her two days before I had to leave Bangkok.

I saw her walking down from the BTS station, which is like a subway, if you haven’t been there before.

thai girl in a bar

First Thai Love

As she approached, our eyes met, and she gave me a warm Thai smile.

Dao has long, incredibly beautiful hair. If I had to guess her age, I’d say she’s in her early 40s.

I actually like the fact that she’s not a young girl, as we seem to match well.

When we’re together, I don’t feel like I’m with a paid companion, if you catch my drift.

As Dao passed me on the BTS stairs, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She turned around, and I did the same, heading back toward her.

Dao mentioned that she was on her way to work, so I asked her where she worked.

She showed me that she worked at a bar and it was just a few streets down from where I was staying on Soi 11.

2 bangkok bar girls

Meeting A Bar Girl In Bangkok

I usually stayed at the Grand President on Soi 11.

So, I told her I’d come see her later.

I did return, and it was wonderful to see her again.

I felt an instant connection like I hadn’t felt with anyone else in a long time, if ever.

I got myself a drink and bought one for Dao too.

I wanted to buy her more, knowing she earned commissions from the drinks, but the bar started to get crowded, so she had to get back to serving drinks.

I asked Dao if I could pay the bar fine to take her out, and the management told me it would be 1,000 baht because they had limited staff.

So, I asked Dao if we could meet outside the bar after she finished work, and she agreed.

Later, after a few drinks on the street, we walked back to my hotel on Soi 11.

We had a really pleasant conversation during the walk.

I truly enjoyed Dao’s company, and I felt a strong connection, almost like I was in love.

There were moments when I wanted to say “I love you,” but I managed to keep my emotions in check.

Thai girls can have that effect on you, making you feel a bit like a lovesick schoolboy.

Dao seemed to have a good time with me, and she was a fun and enjoyable person to be around.

I thought Dao was stunning, and I found even the little flaws on her body to be beautiful.

She had to leave the next morning, but I assured her I would see her again in the evening.

I managed to meet with her one more time before I had to leave for the airport in the early morning hours.

meeting bangkok bar girl

Staying In Contact With A Thai Girl After Leaving

I couldn’t help but wish I had met her earlier in my trip instead of at the very end. I had her Line ID, and we stayed in touch over the next year.

When I planned my trip for the following year, the timing was once again not ideal.

When I work overseas, I can’t always choose when to take my holidays.

I arrived before the Songkran festival, and Dao was still in her hometown in Isan.

I had a good vacation, but I didn’t get to see Dao again until just two days before I was set to leave.

It was a bit frustrating, but Dao returned to Bangkok two days before my departure, and we made plans to meet.

two beautiful thai girls

Meeting Her Again

I waited for her at the BTS station, and when she emerged, she was a beautiful sight in a white dress.

Clearly, she had gone home after work, freshened up, and dressed up nicely just for our meeting.

She looked stunning.

I took her to a Japanese restaurant, and we had a couple of drinks and some food before heading back to my hotel.

Fast forward one year, when I was finally able to visit Thailand again.

Dao and I had communicated a few times during the year, and I was really looking forward to seeing her once more.

My feelings were that if I could spend time with Dao, I didn’t need to be with other women because she was the best company I ever had.

Group of bar girls from Bangkok

Catching Feelings For A Bangkok Bar Girl

However, trying to reach Dao in the weeks leading up to my trip to Thailand was unsuccessful.

I figured out that when she goes to Isan, either she doesn’t take her phone or there’s no signal there.

I arrived in Bangkok, but this time I couldn’t get in touch with Dao.

It wasn’t until a week before I was scheduled to leave Thailand that I saw Dao come online on Line.

She hadn’t sent me a message, but somehow, maybe through a post or some other way, I could tell that she was back online.

The details are a bit fuzzy, but that’s how I knew.

cute thai bar girls

Thai Girl Keeps Making Excuses To Not Meet Me

So I sent her a message, and she wrote back, which made me very happy.

However, I had already paid for the next couple of days at my hotel in Pattaya, so I decided to stay there for two more days before heading back up to Bangkok to see her.

Dao explained that her son was in the military and she had to attend some kind of ceremony for him back in Isan.

Once again, luck wasn’t on my side, and I wouldn’t be able to see her.

thai girls outside a bar in bangkok

Finding Out My Thai Girl Has Been Sneaking Around

But over the course of the next year, I followed her Facebook page, and I noticed that there was another guy with her in some of her photos.

I could tell he was a retired British military guy living in Thailand.

I understood that she’s a beautiful woman and would naturally attract a lot of male attention, so I didn’t blame her for having a boyfriend.

My hope was that I would still have a chance to see her.

On my next trip, I found myself in Pattaya, and that’s when the city got shut down due to COVID-19.

In fact, the whole country went into lockdown while I was there.

I felt fortunate to catch a flight out.

During this time, there was no word from Dao, and I felt a bit foolish wandering through the bars on Soi 11, trying to find her.

She had told me she worked at a bar on Soi 11, but I couldn’t locate her, and it left me disappointed.

unfaithful thai girls

The One That Got Away…

However, I eventually found solace in knowing that she was happy with the guy and hopefully leading a content and fulfilling life.

I had a wonderful holiday, even though I didn’t get to see Dao, and the COVID-19 issue didn’t really impact my trip until just before I left.

Back in Washington D.C, I received a Line message informing me that Dao was back online.

We had a brief chat, and I asked her if I could meet up with her on my next trip to Thailand.

She said yes, we could meet if I liked.

I assumed that she had broken up with the British military guy, but then I saw a TikTok video with the two of them in it just a couple of days after she had agreed to meet up.

mixed emotions dating a thai girl

Mixed Emotions

Now, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I’m happy that she’s willing to see me when I visit next time, but on the other hand, I feel disgusted because I can’t trust her.

If she’s willing to cheat on the British military guy with me, then I worry that she might eventually cheat on me if we ever end up together.

It’s a complicated situation, and it leaves me with conflicting feelings.

I’ve been married before, and I’ve always told myself that I would never get married again. That was until I met Dao.


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