Bar Fine For Two Thai Twin Sisters

Thailand Twin Girls

I went to Bangkok for the first time in the 1980s when I was traveling to Indonesia and Burma.

Bangkok was where I changed planes, and I stayed there for a few days.

I really liked Thailand after that.

The next year, I went on a longer trip to Thailand, and I explored many of the old cities because at that time, I was more into history than partying in bars.

I never went to Pattaya during that trip.

I was just a young backpacker with limited funds, so I treated myself to only one soapy massage before heading back home.

Thailand Go Go Girls

Living Cheap In Thailand

On my next trip, I stayed at a really cheap hotel in China Town.

That’s where I had my first taste of a stuffed omelet for breakfast, which I must admit was quite unusual.

Anyway, I went to a souvenir shop run by a girl named Dee to purchase postcards and stuff to take back home.

We got friendly, and I started visiting her shop quite regularly.

Three Tattooed Thai Girls

After spending some time with her, I was really surprised when Dee showed up at my hotel and asked me to stay with her family.

It sounded like a great idea, and during my stay, I didn’t see much of Dee because she was working long hours.

Instead, I spent most of my time with her brother.

Bar Fine Bangkok Go Go Girls

Thai Girl Takes Me To A Rice Farm In Isan

When they brought me to the rice farm in Isan, I got to see many different places, and they also introduced me to Isan food, including sticky rice balls and raw cow stomach.

Sometimes, I would enjoy a meal at a local Thai shop set up on the grassy roadside, and they made the best pad Thai I had ever tasted.

During my second visit, there was a swarm of flying ants that shed their wings all over the food.

On that day, I learned an important Thai saying: say nothing, pretend it didn’t happen, and carry on as if nothing was wrong.

three topless bargirls

Once, I fixed the house lights when the fuse blew.

They didn’t seem to know about fuses, and after that, I headed to the airport.

Dee asked if I was going back to London, and I replied, “No, Burma.

She asked if I had a friend there, and I said, “Yes, a girl.

Now, let’s fast forward from the 1980s to the 1990s when Thailand was coming out of the third world.

Inside Bangkok Go Go Bars

Thailand Was Similar To Cambodia

It was somewhat similar to Cambodia in the ’90s but was on its way to becoming an Asian economic powerhouse, complete with a metro system.

Bangkok had undergone significant changes.

The souvenir shop where I had met Dee was no more, and Pat Pong wasn’t as thrilling as it used to be in the past.

Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy had become the preferred spots for single guys looking to have a good time in the evenings.

I continued to visit a Kobe steakhouse that I had always enjoyed.

Ocasionally, while passing through Pat Pong, I would drop into some of the bars for a drink.

I’m not much of a drinker, but it was more for nostalgia’s sake.

I must mention the Bamboo Bar.

I went there once and got hooked.

The girl at the front desk explained that I could choose any of the girls or even choose her if I wanted.

It was up to me.

In the end, I connected with a sweet girl Deemed Ging.

It felt more like a girlfriend experience compared to most of the massage or bar girl encounters I’ve had in the past.

Some girls put on fake smiles, but personally, I prefer being with a girl who has a genuine and pleasant smile rather than one who looks unhappy.

Group of Soi Cowboy Girls

Soi Cowboy Was My Favourite Spot In Bangkok

I was at my favorite bar in Soi Cowboy, and it used to be so much fun.

However, over time, its quality declined with louder music, the younger crowd wearing their baseball caps backwards, and some of them saying, “If it’s too loud for you, you’re too old.

And, of course, the prices went up too.

Back then, you had to be cautious about scams in those bars.

In fact, some bars got shut down by the police for scamming foreigners.

I could share that story another time.

But those bars were good for entertaining a girl before revealing the contents of your hotel minibar.

Back at the bar, I sat there, drinking Chang beer, and watched a few rounds of the stage show.

There was this pretty girl who had been taken off the stage by an older guy.

Two Brunettes At A Soi Cowboy Go Go Bar

Watching A Go Go Show

She was wriggling, trying to break free from his grip, and didn’t seem pleased with his unwanted advances.

However, she managed to politely wave goodbye to him with a smile to avoid causing offense.

After he left, I saw that the pretty girl had returned to the stage to continue with the bar girl performance.

Seeing the two girls talking on stage, both looking quite similar, was too interesting to pass up.

So, I waved them over to join me.

I had them sit together, understanding they were still cautious after the previous guy’s inappropriate behavior.

Thailand Twin Girls

Taking Thai Twin Sister Back To My Hotel

I got them drinks to help them relax, and as they opened up, they shared that they were twin sisters.

I’ve encountered quite a few twin sisters during my time visiting Bangkok.

After their shift, they sat beside each other, and I ended up bar-finding both of them.

The moral of the story: if two girls are too much for you, then you’re probably too young.

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