Bangkok Girl Stole My Money and Lied

arguing with thai woman

My name’s John, and I was 39 when this happened, now I’m 40.

It was about a year ago, maybe a little less.

There’s this girl I know, we call her Tip.

The last time I was in Bangkok, I was with a girl I’d met on previous trips.

We’ve seen each other on seven trips now, and we’ve known each other for a few years.

Even when I’m back in London, I stay in touch with her.

It helps me keep my memories of Thailand alive in dreary old England.

Beautiful Thai Girl Working At A Bar In Pattaya

My Latest Trip To Bangkok

The last time I was in Bangkok, Tip and I decided to meet up.

As far as I knew, she had never worked as a bar girl, as she told me.

One night, we both got really drunk in my hotel room.

We had been drinking strong liquor for three consecutive nights.

Well, on that third night, it finally caught up with us, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sleeping With A Bar Girl

I woke up several hours before Tip did.

You know how Thai girls can sleep for ages.

Anyway, I needed some water badly because I was really dehydrated.

I didn’t want to wake her up because I thought it would only take me five minutes, and we’d known each other for so long that I trusted her.

When I came back from the 7-Eleven downstairs, I saw that she had changed her position in bed.

Maybe she’d gone to the bathroom while I was gone.

Bangkok at night

Noticing Money Is Missing In My Hotel Room

I noticed that my suitcase had also been moved.

She knew I had money in there because, like I mentioned, we’d been drinking for three nights, and I left my money in the suitcase.

I called her name, but she didn’t respond.

I looked at her, and even though she appeared to be sleeping quietly, something felt off.

She wasn’t really sleeping; she was pretending to sleep, and she was way too quiet.

I went out to the balcony for a cigarette, pondering the situation while glancing back at her pretending to sleep through the glass door.

When I returned inside, I called her name again, but there was still no response.

I walked over to my suitcase and put it back where it originally was, right next to my side of the bed.

Thai Girl With My Money

Has My Thai Girlfriend Stole Money From Me?

I checked the compartment where I had left all my cash after returning to the hotel.

While I was counting the money, she turned around and asked what I was doing, telling me to come back to sleep.

I realized I was missing a few thousand baht, so I asked her if she had taken money from my suitcase while I was gone.

She replied with a simple “no.

The problem was, even though I knew money was missing, I couldn’t quite figure out if it was five, six, or seven thousand baht.

We were both so drunk that night.

I knew money was gone, so I asked Tip again, “Are you sure you didn’t take any money from this suitcase?

She repeated, “No, you spent it yourself. You spent a lot on alcohol and cigarettes. You don’t remember; you drank too much.

Feeling groggy and hungry, and not looking forward to the impending hangover, I decided to let it go for the time being and just sleep it off.

The Thai Girl Who Stole My Money

Trying To Figure Out Where My Money Has Gone

The next day, we got up, and I began counting the money again to figure out exactly how much was missing—whether it was five, six, seven, or maybe even four thousand baht.

I still wasn’t sure.

I looked at her, and she could tell that I had noticed something was seriously wrong.

She came over to me and said, “John, John, please don’t be angry. I took some money from your suitcase while you were gone.

I stood up and stared at her. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t. I was seething with anger.

I said, “So you mean to tell me that after all the time we’ve spent together, all the alcohol, food, cigarettes, and entertainment I provided, all the gifts I bought for you, you were just waiting for an opportunity to rob me? You took money from my suitcase?

Upset Thai Girl

Thai Girl Admitted She Had Stole My Money

We argued for two hours, both of us shouting in the hotel room.

I told her, “Why didn’t you just ask me? I would have given it to you. Why did you have to steal it?

I asked how much she had taken, and she initially said two thousand baht.

We argued some more, and I asked her again.

This time she said three thousand baht.

After a bit more arguing, she finally told me it was four thousand baht.

I thought to myself that it sounded about right.

I asked her to return my money, which she did, but we continued to argue a bit.

I asked her once more, “Why would you do this to me after everything? Why didn’t you just ask?

It turned out she had just wanted to test me, to see if I would remember.

She said, “Anyway…

I interrupted, saying, “But if I never checked my suitcase, I would have never known that money was missing.

She responded with a simple “Yes, test.

I continued, “So if I failed the test, I would never know that you stole my money, right?

She again replied, “Yes.

I said, “Okay, so I passed the test. What do I get back?

She said, “You get your money back.

arguing with thai woman

Arguing With A Thai Girl Is Never A Good Idea

We both argued again.

I started shouting about how ridiculous her test was.

I tried to explain to her that if I passed the test, she couldn’t give me back something I already owned.

So, I asked, “What do I win?

She said, “You know, John, my English is not so good, I don’t understand you. You got my money back.

Frustrated, I asked her to leave my room, and surprisingly, she complied without further argument.

Half Thai Half Chinese Girl

The funny thing is, when I returned to London, we still kept in touch.

We would chat and laugh about her silly test, and I would tease her about how she tried to steal from me but got caught.

About six months later, I returned to Thailand, and we decided to meet on my last day before catching my flight back home.

I knew I probably should have let it go, but it was still bothering me how she had tried to steal from me after all the time we had spent together and all I had done for her.

I wanted to find a way to get back at her.

She suggested that she’d come to my room to watch TV if I paid for her taxi fare, and I agreed.

revenge on girl who stole money

Getting Revenge On The Thai Girl That Stole From Me

She’d handle the payment to the driver, but I should give her money for both trips when she leaves my room.

You can probably guess what happened next.

After she arrived, we ended up doing the deed for hours, and to be honest, it was amazing since we were both completely sober.

As she was getting ready to leave, she asked for the taxi fare, but I told her no. I said, “You’ve failed the test. I was testing you to see if you would come here after what you did to me. Since you’ve failed my test, I’m not giving you anything.

I had my bag already packed, left the room, and headed out.

Tip and I haven’t spoken since, and she’s blocked me on social media and all communication apps we used.

Looking back, I’ve realized that Tip was probably just doing her job as best as she could, and unfortuantly, stealing and lying are often part of the job description for many bar girls.

I guess I might have done the same if I had grown up in difficult circumstances in Isan with nothing to rely on.

At the time, I was incredibly fortunate.

I wish I could see Tip again; I really miss her.

If I ever do get the chance to meet her again, I would sincerely apologize and make sure to pay her that taxi fare, and more, to make amends.

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