Bar Encounters In Thailand, and a Fiancé’s Surprise

Thai Girl Pole Dancing

It was a while ago, in the 1990s, when I headed a team of military guys to work in Thailand for a few weeks.

After our initial meetings and planning sessions, the guys wanted to go downtown, and I went along wanting to be sure my guys didn’t get arrested.

I had not been to Thailand before, but one of the guys had been to Bangkok on R&R from Vietnam years earlier.

With his guidance, off we went.

His confidence with the area led me to believe he had spent a lot more time in Bangkok than he let on.

I was amazed at the candy store atmosphere on the streets and really wanted to go into one of the many bars.

So Many bar Girls In Thailand

So Many Thailand Bars, So Little Time

We picked a bar, and my friend led the way.

We entered and decided to sit at the bar with a dance floor behind us.

Before my backside was firm in the seat, a bar girl came and put her hand on my leg.

Later, my friend suggested she might have been trying to lift my wallet, but I doubt it.

I told the girl I was just there for a drink and didn’t need any company.

She huffed off.

My buddy said, “Boss, you’re going to have to have a girlfriend on your or the others won’t leave you alone.

Pick one, buy her drinks, and the others will stay away.”

Sexy Bar Girls In Thailand

Having Fun With One of The Bar Girls In Thailand

I looked around, and the entire team was already coupled up.

I guess my buddy was right, but I had just started a relationship in the States and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

I looked around and saw a very pretty girl smiling at me, and I smiled back.

She came over, and we moved to a booth and talked.

As the night progressed, the guys were all having fun, and my little friend seemed to be happy with the drinks I bought her.

A number of other girls approached, and after a word from my new friend, off they went.

Anything I wanted, she made it appear.

I realized I probably paid a premium for her drinks, but she was nice company, and I could keep an eye on my team and the girls dancing.

Thai Local Girls

Making Friends With Thai Locals

My new friend had to take her turn dancing.

She was even prettier than I suspected.

Later, a doorman walked by, and he was wearing a T-shirt for an international run.

A friend of mine was entered but had to drop out because she was injured in a recent car accident.

I thought it would be great if I could get my friend one of these T-shirts.

I approached the doorman, who spoke really good English, and asked if he knew where I could get one of the T-shirts for my friend.

He asked for my address and said he’d send me one.

Nowadays, I’d be wary of giving out my personal information like that, but back then, I was young and excited about getting a shirt.

I gave the doorman my card with my home address on it.

Thai Girl Wanting A Bar Fine

Refusing The Bar Fine, But Promising To Return

When I returned to our booth, I noticed my new friend had refreshed our drinks and had propped herself upon her leg, watching my interaction with the doorman.

A number of the guys headed out; a few were with their new girlfriends.

So, I told my new friend I needed to go.

She asked me to take her with me.

She explained the bar fine rule and said if we left together, she could stay with me.

Now, when I said she was pretty, I was understating; she was actually beautiful, and I knew if I went out, I’d have problems at home.

So, I told her I was going to meet some other guys at another bar, and I’d be back soon.

Two Bar Girls Posing On A Bed

Returning To My New Bar Girl Friend

She didn’t look happy, but she agreed, and I went back to my hotel and got a good night’s sleep.

For the next four days, we were going to be doing nothing but work.

Four days later, our job done, we headed back to the bar.

Actually, I was really looking forward to seeing my little bar girlfriend again.

I half expected that she would be entertaining another guy when I got there, but no. As soon as we walked in, she was at my side and had my arm in hers.

I saw my buddy who knew his way around Bangkok sitting alone in a booth.

I started over to his booth.

My Thai friend said that we should go to another booth and was rather firm that we would not go to his booth.

I was confused.

Bar Girl Begging To Go To Foreginers Hotel

Bar Girl Begging Me To Come To My Hotel

Then I saw a Thai girl come out from the bathroom and sit down with him.

Then I understood.

My friend found us a booth, and we repeated the first night with me buying her drinks and she making sure I had everything I wanted.

Well, I had an early morning flight and started to leave, and she again asked if I’d pay her the bar fine, and she could come with me.

I made up another story about me meeting other guys in another bar, and she agreed.

She asked if she could come to my hotel later.

I said sure and told her who to ask for, but not me.

I also knew the hotel would not allow a young single woman entry into the hotel if she wasn’t checked in.

Asian American Girlfriend Wearing Black

Back Home, I Got Engaged To My American Girlfriend

Trip over back to the States and my girlfriend.

Well, as predicted, I did have something good, and then within weeks, we were engaged, and I told her to move into my condo.

One day when we came home from work, I checked the mail.

There was a letter from Thailand.

I opened it, and I saw it was from my little friend.

The letter wasn’t that long, but it went something like she liked me, we had fun, she loved me, and wanted to come to me in the States.

I looked at my girlfriend, and she just stood there with her mouth wide open.

Wife Found Out About Thai Bar Girls

My Future Wife Found Out About My Thai Bar Girl Friend

I turned the letter over, and on the back, in brackets (which was towards my girlfriend), she had written in big letters, “I love you.” I knew I had some explaining to do, but then it got worse.

The envelope tipped, and she had enclosed two photos, both were fully clothed and tasteful, one a nice facial picture, then another with her sitting on a mattress in what I assume was her sleeping area.

After a long truthful explanation that she was just a girl I bought drinks for to keep other girls away, my fiancée said she understood, took the letters and pictures, and ripped them up.

Short Time In Bangkok

Memories of My Short Time In Bangkok

I also guess it didn’t hurt that I brought her a sapphire ring in Bangkok.

Well, that covers my Bangkok experience.

Luckily, you don’t report on South America.

My team gave me a bachelor party on a beach in Rio, but that’s another story, and it took a lot, a hell of a lot more explaining than I have time for.

I forgot to mention that I never gave my little bar girlfriend my home address.

I also never received the T-shirt from the doorman, and I assume my little friend, watching me hand my card to the doorman, had somehow convinced him to give it to her.

The party street we visited was Pat Pong.


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