My Bad Bar Girl Experience

Meeting A Bangkok Bar Girl on Soi 4

In 2001, my adventures in Thailand began.

Since then, I have made it a routine to visit the country three times a year.

At one point, I even attempted to settle down in Phuket, but after three years, I decided to return to the UK.

My latest trip to Thailand was in 2022, during which I spent the initial days in Bangkok.

Bangkok Soi 4

Travelling To Thailand For Dental Work


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One of the main reasons for my visit was to get some dental work done—specifically, replacing three veneers, a significantly more affordable option than back in my home country.

During my stay in Bangkok, I chose a hotel near Nana Plaza.

On the first day, I stumbled upon a bar named the Stumble Inn, which turned out to be an interesting experience.

Being 70 years old, I realized that, at my age, most women were not particularly interested in me.

However, I can confidently say that I’m financially comfortable.

Group of thai girls on Soi 4 in Bangkok

Chatting With A Bar Girl In Bangkok

While in the bar, a friendly girl named June, who was working there, kindly offered to get me a drink, when she returned with my beer she began the customary bar conversation, asking about my name, where I’m from, and whether I had a Thai girlfriend.

I smiled and replied, sharing that I was currently in Bangkok for some dental work.

I decided not to mention that this visit marked my return after two years.

Curious to know more about her, I inquired if she had a boyfriend or a husband.

She chuckled and admitted that she was currently unattached, which didn’t come as a surprise considering the context.

Most bar girls prefer to keep such details private.

Bangkok Girl Taking Picture

Asking A Thai Bar Girl On A Date

Feeling a sense of fun with June, I mentioned my upcoming trip to Phuket and figured it would be nice to buy her a ladies drink as a gesture of appreciation for her company.

Curious about her evening plans, I asked June what she usually does after finishing work at 9 pm.

She replied with a smile, “I usually go to eat. Would you like to join me? You can wait for me by the police box at the end of the road, and I’ll meet you there.

Feeling intrigued by the offer, I agreed, and we headed to a nearby restaurant together.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that she didn’t order an excessive amount of food like some others tend to do.

It annoys me when they order multiple dishes and only take a small portion, leaving the rest untouched.

Dating Soi 4 Bar Girl

Nice Date With A Bangkok Girl

As we enjoyed our meal, our conversation carried on and I asked about her plans after dinner, and she replied, “If you’d like, I can come back to your hotel with you and give you a massage.

Her suggestion caught me off guard, and I had to think about the situation before responding.

As I considered June’s proposal to give me a massage in my room, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I had consumed quite a few drinks, and at the age of 70, it might not be the best decision.

However, the idea of some pleasant company appealed to me, so I decided to go along with it.

To my surprise, she ended up staying the night, and I found myself genuinely enjoying her company.

3 Bar Girls From Soi 4

Spending The Night With A Bar Girl

She mentioned that she would need to leave at 6 am as she had a part-time job at a coffee shop, where she also needed to clean up.

Being familiar with the bar scene, I couldn’t help but wonder if she had other commitments, like meeting a Thai boyfriend or husband.

Nevertheless, I chose not to bring it up, as I didn’t want to embarrass her or ruin the good vibes of our time together.

As the night progressed, we shared stories and laughs, a connection that went beyond the usual bar chat.

It turned out to be a memorable evening, and I appreciated the genuine companionship June provided, even if the circumstances were somewhat unusual.

The following morning, around 10 a.m, I woke up and decided to explore the area during the daytime.

As I strolled around, I eventually found myself back at June’s bar at around 4 p.m.

bangkok go go dancer

Breaking All The Bar Girl Rules

Once again, she came over to serve me, and I bought her another ladies drink as a gesture of gratitude for the enjoyable night we spent together.

However, I soon realized that June was actually a waitress at the bar, not one of the regular bar girls.

This meant she had to attend to other customers, causing interruptions in our conversation.

Despite the Juneor annoyance, I understood that she was just doing her job.

As I was leaving for Phuket the next day, we exchanged Facebook, email, and phone numbers to keep in touch.

I bid farewell, expressing my best wishes for her, and promised to stay in contact.

Our brief encounter had left a positive impression, and I hoped to maintain the newfound connection even after my departure from Bangkok.

Bangkok Girl Having Fun

Catching Feelings For A Thai Girl

During my time in Phuket, June surprised me by calling every morning at 7 a.m.

I couldn’t understand why she’d ring so early, but it became a regular occurrence.

However, I eventually had to return to Bangkok to have my veneers put back on, a process that usually took about a week to complete.

Back in Bangkok, my daily visits to the Stumble Inn became routine, and I often found myself taking June back to my hotel.

Despite any suspicions about her 6am early morning activities, I chose not to question her and continued to enjoy her company.

As the days went by, we became quite close, and June took on the role of showing me around Bangkok during the daytime, capturing memories with numerous photographs.

I appreciated how June never asked me for money, and our relationship seemed genuine.

soi 4 nightlife

Last Night In Thailand With My Holiday Girlfriend


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On my last night in Bangkok, before heading back to the UK, June surprised me with a request.

She asked if I could help her obtain a visa to come and have a holiday in the UK to visit me.

The idea excited me, and I saw no harm in granting her request. It could be a unique and enjoyable experience.

Throughout our time together, June exhibited her kindness by paying for various expenses, such as taxis and meals, including one at the airport.

As we sat at the airport, enjoying a cup of coffee together, June stared straight into my eyes and literally said, “I love you very much.

Her declaration caught me off guard, but it felt special and heartfelt.

I felt a mix of emotions, unsure of what the future might hold for us.

As I reflected on the feelings that June told me she had for me, I couldn’t help but think that everything was moving a bit too swiftly.

The day came for my departure, and I handed her ten thousand Baht as a parting gift, but she refused,

insisting that she wanted me more than the money.

With a big of persuading, I placed the money in her hand and encouraged her to treat herself to something nice.

thai girl sitting outside bar in Bangkok

Keeping In Contact With Thailand Holiday Girlfriend

Once back in the UK, June kept in touch with me daily through Facebook.

She assured me that I could call her anytime except when she was working at the bar, as mobile phones were not allowed during her shifts.

However, after work hours, we indulged in video calls, and it became evident that she lived on her own.

Her affectionate declarations of love and desire to marry me both thrilled and surprised me.

I had already planned another trip to Thailand in a few months, and June informed me that she wanted to take me to meet her parents and suggested that we could marry on my birthday.

dating Bangkok bar girl

Thai Girl Wants To Marry Me

While I thought this was moving quite rapidly, I decided to go along with it, playing along to see how things would unfold.

A few weeks later, she revealed that she had left the bar, understanding that I wasn’t comfortable with her work there.

June shared that she would now be working at the coffee shop.

She asked if I could support her with ten thousand Baht each month as leaving the bar caused her to take a loss in income, I found her request quite reasonable, and I agreed to provide the support she needed.

Despite agreeing to support June with ten thousand Baht a month, I knew it was small amount compared to what other girls might typically ask for.

As we continued to communicate and grow closer, I couldn’t help but wonder about the future and how this unexpected connection might evolve.

Picture of a cute bar girl in bangkok

Looking Forward To My Next Thailand Trip

My upcoming trip was now filled with a mix of excitement and curiosity as I prepared to meet June’s family and explore where this unique journey might lead us.

Our communication remained steady, and I would call her from the UK at 5 p.m., which was 11 p.m. her time.

She always answered my calls every night, but one particular night, she didn’t pick up, leaving me to assume she was sleeping.

When I eventually reached her a few days later, she told me that she had experienced a near-fatal incident and required a blood transfusion at the hospital.

I was taken back by this news, but she didn’t offer further details about the hospital incident when I asked.

Following that, I noticed a change in our communication, our calls became less frequent, and June began avoiding face time, opting for text messages instead.

Moreover, I struggled to get in touch with her during the evenings.

Soi 4 Hooters Bar Girl

Noticing Red Flags

Sensing something wasn’t right, I devised a plan to understand the situation better.

I decided to send her a text message from a different number, pretending to be someone else who claimed to have met her at the Stumble Inn a few days ago.

My intention was to gauge her response and see if she would open up about any potential relationship she might be hiding.

To my surprise, June replied, providing a completely different Facebook account and adamantly stating that she neither had a boyfriend nor was she married.

3 Cute Thai Girls In A Bar

Is My Thai Girlfriend Lying To Me?

This left me with more questions than answers, and I began to feel increasingly uncertain about the authenticity of our connection and the truth behind her recent behaviors.

It became apparent that June was oblivious to the fact that she was speaking to me from the fake number.

So, the next time I managed to contact her, I confronted her about the deceit, informing her that I had caught her in the act.

Instead of owning up to it, she spun a web of lies and denied any wrongdoing, claiming that she knew it was me all along and had merely played along with the ruse.

It was clear to me that her response was nothing but total BS.

I had reached my limit with her deceptive behavior and decided that enough was enough.

I bluntly told her that I wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

However, the following day, I noticed a picture on her Facebook showing her with another guy, with hearts and kisses all around.

Soi 4 Freelancer On The Street

Catching Her Out With Her Lies

Feeling irritated and a little betrayed, I left a comment on the picture which June have been a little bit immature from my side.

Shortly afterward, the picture mysteriously disappeared, which only added to my suspicions.

Despite my clear disinterest, June persisted in trying to reconnect with me through occasional messages, but I had grown weary of her games and false pretenses.

To put an end to the drama, I eventually decided to block her completely, cutting off all communication.

My Experience With A Thai Bar Girl Relationship

The experience left me feeling disappointed and a little bit let down as I consider myself somewhat streetwise when it comes to things like this, but I knew it was best to move on from this chapter in my life.

June’s actions had made it evident that the connection we once shared was built on a foundation of deception and dishonesty.

This experience served as a stark reminder that, even after 20 years, these girls in the bars can be remarkably convincing.

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