Alcohol and Massages

Seoul Massage Girl
Hello, I’m a longtime listener and would like to share one of my stories with you.
You have my consent to use my story; I’ve already changed the names of those involved.
Also, when not using a version of my real name, I typically use the alias Mason.
I’m an American attorney who primarily practices international law.

Learning About Massage Services, In Seoul, South Korea

A few years ago, my work brought me to Seoul, just outside of Soul.
One day, I received an advertisement, a business card magnet stuck to the door of my apartment.
It was an advertisement for in-home massage, 2-hour massages for what equates to about $80.
Later, I found out that this is the typical rate.
There wasn’t much else on the advertisement other than its business hours, from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Alcohol and Massage Services, Bad Combination

I’m not naive; any massage place that announces business hours from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. is offering bedroom fun, not actual massages.
One night, after a bit too much alcohol, I texted the number to inquire about a massage.
The text back contained images of six different providers.
I remember scrolling through the photos and selecting some; the bedroom fun was what I primarily took away.
A week or two later, I inquired about another massage, as Som was already booked.
This behavior went on for a couple of months.

Treating The Ladies Like Pokemon, Got To Catch ‘Em All

Looking back, I’m a bit embarrassed and quite ashamed that I thought of these ladies as Pokémon; I had to catch all of them.
There were already five or six girls working at the shop; some would fall off the advertising texts I would get from the lady that ran the in-house massage service.
I later learned that those who had vanished were deported back to Thailand; apparently, the vast majority of them had all overstayed their visas for at least a few years.

Helping The Girls Out With Me Legal Profession

It didn’t take long for the girls to find out that I was an attorney.
One night, by coincidence, I ran into Cop at a bar in the foreigner nightlife district in Seoul.
She explained to me that one of her friends had a child with an American guy who was in the picture for a couple of months but then wanted nothing to do with the child.
Long story short, I was able to help Cop’s friend get regular support payments.
Word spread quickly around the Thai girls, and in a month’s time, I quickly found myself helping several Thai ladies in Seoul with immigration issues, marriage to foreigners, support payments, abusive boyfriend issues—many were afraid to report due to overstaying visas.
Needless to say, this made me quite popular amongst Thai ladies from several massage shops.
I frequently found myself in many of their homes, going out with groups of them, invited to their parties, etc.
It was quite fun being the only male in this group; maybe I should say the only person who identified as a male, as there were a couple of CYS in the group.

The Massages And Fun Became Freebies

I no longer paid for all the bedroom fun, but an endless supply of bedroom fun sometimes led to feelings of complete emptiness.
One night I met a friend of a friend, Apple, and I hit it off immediately.
We went out together, stayed in luxury beach hotels in beach resort areas in Korea, had a fantastic time with her.
It didn’t strike me as odd at the time, but Apple would always come over to my place; I never went to hers.
Maybe I assumed she lived with a bunch of other Thai ladies and didn’t want me over there around other Thai females.
I’m an Asian-American, so I do understand that the Asian lady jealousy some people refer to can run deep.
Apple and I always knew that it wouldn’t last forever; my working career was running down, and my home office wanted me back in the States.

Solo Trip To Bangkok

Apple and I were never official, but in reality, it did feel like we were for a few months before I returned to the States.
I took a solo trip to Bangkok during that time; Apple and I continued to video call with each other daily.
However, about after 3 weeks of being in the States, I got an anonymous text telling me that Apple has a long-term boyfriend in Seoul that she lives with and has been dating for years.
Apparently, she runs around on this guy from time to time.
Apple and I were never official, so I couldn’t say I was mad.
I know that she’s supporting her parents and siblings, that she has to earn a living, but I was pretty sick at the ruse she had kept going on for months.

Losing Contact, Keeping In Contact

I fell out of contact with Apple but still regularly talk to several of the ladies from my Seoul days.
They all know that I’m doing well in Bangkok, and we constantly joke that I’ll be amongst the first people they visit after their eventual deportation from Korea.
Recently, Apple reached out to me; she’s going to self-deport back to Thailand.
I know that she’s already started sending much of her stuff back to Bangkok.
She joked that she would live with me as a living cleaning lady.
I’m sure she was just testing the waters for my response.
At one point in my life, I really think I wanted to change Apple’s life for the better.
I still could, but I keep thinking about the ruse she played before.
It’s taken me a while, but I’m now totally behind the saying that you can’t take the bar or hustle out of the bargirls.


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