Advice For Pattaya Newbies

Pattaya Advice For Newbies
I’m a younger guy in his early 30s from Scotland, UK.
Over the past five or six years, I started to get interested in traveling to Asia after watching 90 Day Fiance one night, believe it or not.
I was intrigued about how traditional Asian women were portrayed.
During the covert lockdown, I was still working, but I found your channel and from there branched off into many other Thailand YouTubers and started watching everything I could.
At the time, I was in a long-term relationship, and I knew I would never really get the chance to travel solo.
But after watching so many Thailand videos, I guess I got the bug.
Pattaya Soi 6 Bar Girls

Becoming Single And Booking A Flight To Pattaya

My relationship sadly broke down at the start of last year, 2022, so newly single and feeling sorrowful for myself, what did I do? I booked a trip to Thailand, a whole month in Pattaya.
It was my first time traveling so far away and first time solo, so I was pretty apprehensive.
I got my accommodation booked, followed your and other YouTubers’ advice on where to stay, things to be careful of, and where to change money, etc.
And off I went, on two seven-hour flights ahead of me, feeling both excited and worried if I’d made a mistake that I’d regret.
Pattaya Soi 6 Bar Girl

From Bangkok To Pattaya, The Excitement Was Overwhelming

When I arrived, I had to wait around two hours to get through the lengthy immigration queue, and man, that heat was crazy.
Being from Scotland, I really wasn’t used to it.
Immigration took all of 10 seconds once at the front of the queue, and I headed straight for the lower floor to change some pounds to baht.
I had already pre-loaded an esim in my phone and was ready for Thailand.
I had booked a pretty cheap lady taxi from the airport to Pattaya, where the lady met me at arrivals after a quick 7-Eleven visit for a well-needed drink, off I went to Pattaya.
Go Go Dancer On Stage

Trying To Find Free Girls In Pattaya

Once I arrived and checked in, I decided to go for a walk around the area.
I was staying near the Soi Buakhao.
Straight away, I was blown away by the sheer number of bars, massage shops, and girls.
They’re everywhere, but I wasn’t complaining.
I had heard that no lady is free in Pattaya and was determined to prove that wrong.
I’m a pretty fit guy who frequents a gym, and I was feeling pretty good from the compliments the girls gave me.
Such a contrast to the UK.
Big Boobs Pattaya Girl

She Wasn’t A Girl, She Was A Ladyboy

After the walkabout, I went back to my hotel for a quick shower and headed back out, this time towards Soi 7.
I had been chatting to a girl from Thai Friendly who worked in a bar there and thought it was as good a place to start.
Turns out she wasn’t 100% a she and was, in fact, a ladyboy.
But wow, was it difficult to tell, at least for me anyway.
She was gorgeous all the same, and I’m not afraid to say it.
But I tried.
Beautiful Young Thai Go Go Dancer

Meeting Girls On Soi Buakhao

The next day, I woke up pretty late and, after a heavy night on the booze, headed for Soi Buakhao again.
I wanted to shop around, as it were, and just wander about and see what was going on.
I didn’t get very far when a pretty stunning girl, let’s call her B, sat outside a bar and asked me where I was going and if she could come.
I ended up in her bar, buying her drinks and playing pool, the usual stuff, I suppose.
I fell into the bar girl trap somewhat because I ended up spending around a week with her, bar-finding her every morning to keep her around.
She’d only been in her bar for a month or so, she said, but given her relative inexperience and the fact that she was only 21, I had no real reason to doubt that.
In any case, I wasn’t really too fussed because I wasn’t looking for anything serious.
I ended up meeting quite a few friends from her bar who I’m still in touch with.
Beautiful Thai GIrls

Finally Trying Out The Famous Soi 6

Fast forward a week or so, and a friend had told me to try Soi 6, so I did.
I lost count of the number of times I was grabbed there, but what an experience.
I met several girls who all wanted my line ID, wanted to meet me after they finished, and go to Walking Street.
I ended up bar-finding a couple, which I managed to haggle down to a thousand baht.
Two of the girls apparently fell in love with me and were relentlessly messaging and would storm out of their bars over to me anytime I went down Soi 6.
One of them, we’ll call her Om, actually turned up at my hotel after she finished.
Never once did either ask for any money.
I wasn’t fully aware of telling girls you’re a “butterfly.”

Telling The Girls That I Am A Butterfly

After a week of Soi 6 madness, I decided to let the heat die down a bit and go for another wander, this time around Second Road, I think it was.
I stumbled down a small Soi and found a bar with, again, hotties accosting me.
I gave in and went for a drink.
It was close to closing time, and one of the girls, Jay, wanted to come with me.
I agreed.
All the while, B had been messaging and calling me non-stop.
After a bit of fun, I decided to go meet B and figured I should give her the “I’m a butterfly” chat.
3 Thai go go girls

Getting Into Trouble With The Thai Bar Girls

Well, Jay just so happened to live on Soi Buakhao, so wanted to walk with me.
Being a drunken idiot, I agreed, and we walked towards Soi Buakhao.
Jay kept asking where her Soi was.
She told me it wasn’t far and was the next right turn.
I was conscious that we were getting closer to B’s bar, but from what I had heard and understood, Jay would be going down a Soi before B’s bar.
All good, well, she didn’t.
B was outside of her bar with her friends and a friend of mine.
They all seen me being her friend immediately ran towards me, shouting and screaming all sorts of stuff in Thai.
I honestly thought I was about to get a smack in the face.
Poor Jay looked pretty horrified at what was happening.
B was also the brunt of whatever was said in Thai, I assume.
It wasn’t very pleasant.
I felt pretty bad.
I’m an idiot, I know.
Being drunk did not help matters.
Thankfully, my friend was able to hold them both back whilst I made good my escape.
I had apparently failed to realize that Thai girls assume you are theirs unless otherwise stated, and it’s a mistake I certainly won’t make again.
I suppose I didn’t help myself by spending so much time with her.
From now on, unless I’m looking for someone serious, I make sure to be clear that I’m a “butterfly.” I don’t want to get on the bad side of Thai girls.
Needless to say, I avoided the bar for the remainder of my stay.

My Piece of Advice

For any newcomers to Pattaya or any other place in Thailand, I suppose they should be aware of telling girls they’re a “butterfly” unless they are after just one girl.
It will save many headaches and heartaches.
Also, another thing I would say I learned was to withdraw a week or a few days worth of money from an ATM.
 I made the stupid mistake of withdrawing 100 to 200 pounds a day, and of course, the five-pound ATM fee soon added up.
I’m all set for my next trip back to Pattaya, and I honestly can’t wait.
I’ve decided to give up everything in the UK and move out to Thailand as soon as I can.
All the best.


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