A Night in Pattaya: Unexpected Compassion

A Night In Pattaya

This is a story of one of the many nights I’ve spent in Pattaya over the last 15 years.

It begins like any other night in Pattaya – bar hopping and out on the prowl in the hope of finding some female company.

However, it ends with no sordid accounts but instead with one of the many experiences that have shaped my understanding of Thailand and its people.

two thai bar girls wearing lingerie

Bar Hopping On The Famous Pattaya Walking Street

On this night, I found myself in one of the friendlier establishments on Walking Street.

As soon as I sat down, one of the lovelies on stage caught my eye.

They were all lovely, to be fair, but I had a particular type, and this girl happened to fulfill that.

A pretty girl by any account, she strutted her stuff as they do in this place.

I did notice, however, that compared to all the screaming and tomfoolery going on around me, she seemed a little bit glum.

I was already taken by her at this point, so I called her over to my table.

Disappointed But Not Giving Up

Anyway, I did my best to win her over while she sipped on her ladies’ drink, but again, something seemed off.

Finally, she leaned over to my ear and confessed that she’s not feeling well and won’t be able to join me tonight.

Although disappointed, I also knew that other options were just down the road.

teen bargirl dressed in devil outfit

Being Asked For A Bar Fine

I smiled and simply spent the rest of my time in the bar genuinely having a friendly chat with this girl.

I naively asked why she didn’t just call in sick if she was unwell.

She explained that, being a weekend, no leave was allowed.

The only way out was if she was barfined by a customer.

Of course, I knew what was coming.

She asked if I could barfine her so she could go home.

Bargirl asking for barfine

I Knew I Wasnt Getting My Money Back…

I was about ready to make my excuses and move on when she further explained that she could afford to pay for half of the barfine and swore she would pay me back the rest somehow.

I stared into her eyes, put my hand on her head, and realized she indeed had a fever.

I knew I was not getting my money back.

Sweet Pattaya Bargirl

Thank You For The Bar Fine

I called the mamasan to make the arrangements.

The girl discreetly stuffed a ball of cash into my hands and went off to get her things.

It was about 400 baht in crumpled notes – her take-ins for the night.

I supposed I paid the full barfine and our drinks and was soon walking her out to Second Road.

Along the way, she kept thanking me profusely while tightly holding my hand.

We reached Second Road, and I asked her, “What will you do now?

I’ll call my brother; come take me home.

Okay, then. Your money, I pay you back.

How long you stay in Thailand?

No, it’s okay. I have to go.

No, wait. I can take care of you. I come to your hotel now.

No, really. It’s okay. Go home and get well.

smiling pattaya girl

Saying Goodbye To The Girl I Barfined As A Good Gesture

After an awkward pause, this lovely girl started tearing up, got down on her knees, and bowed to me in the Thai fashion for all of Second Road to see.

It took all my strength to hold in my own tears as I quickly picked her up and hugged her.

We waited until her brother arrived and said our goodbyes.

I never saw her again and wondered at first if I’d been had, but I soon concluded for myself that it didn’t matter.

I did what I could given the situation – with a few hundred baht less but with another story to tell of the land and people we’ve all come to love.

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